Tuesday, May 22, 2001

ok, today my day went

ok, today my day went from really bad to really good really fast. i went from stressing over an unfinished paper and possible no pass in a class i kinda need, and freaking out about certain events that happened with a certain person this weekend (i'm not going to discuss details here because, well, who knows who looks at my page? if you're really that curious, drop me a line.)

less than 2 hours later, i had an extention on my paper, and a 'date' with samara to work on prom invites (which turned out fabulous, btw). the situation with the certain person is still uncertain, but i'm not freaking out any more.

it's amazing how fast things can take a total 180.

on an unrelated note, today my daily hits nearly doubled for no apprent reason. hm.