Sunday, April 15, 2001

i hope everyone had a

i hope everyone had a lovely easter!!

me: up at 5 am. left house at 5:45 am. arrive at outdoor sunrise service at 6:01 am. read and sing at service, left for church at 7:30 am. arived at church, had breakfast, worked a little, talked to friends more. 11:05 am, managed to get 35 high schoolers to line up in quasi-silence to go in and sing at the late service. started cleaning up at 11:15 am, hung out until 12:20 pm, said i was leaving at 12:30 pm, actual departure time 12:55 pm. leave for old navy at 1:30 pm. head home from old navy at 1:37 pm - they were closed. read and slept (but mostly read) until 3:30 pm. got dressed, left for easter dinner in santa cruz at 4:15 pm. arrived in santa cruz 5 pm, park at the boardwalk, eat corn dog, french fries, shrimp cocktail, italian soda and 1 giant chocolate covered strawberry (what a great easter dinner!). leave boardwalk 7:45 pm. help sister with computer stuff, drive her home 8:15 pm. check e-mail, write blogger post, 8:35 pm.

what's next? fall in bed 9 pm. ;-)