Monday, January 1, 2001

well, the end of 2000

well, the end of 2000 ended up being rather eventful! me and the g-funks are all finally 21, so rather than spending new years on someone's couch, which is what we usually do, we decided to head to ten15 in the city and go to the spundae party. me and donna got all dolled up and followed the one important rule for clubbing: "there is no such thing as too much glitter!" the drive to the city was uneventful, and we got in line at 6, so we only had to pay $40 to get in (as opposed to $80!) the place was great with a really diverse crowd and good energy. we spent most of the night upstairs, which had fab dj's - michael anthony and ellen ferrato. the countdown in the main room was surreal - crazy lights, lasers, and the biggest disco ball i have ever seen. we were surrounded by a lot of very hot, sweaty excited people who were all dancing their asses off. i got kisses from danny, jeff and jason and angela and cynthia even smooched! there were (supposedly) $5000 worth of balloons dropped from the ceiling, which was way cool. after 5 hours (7 if you count the time we were standing in line) i was sore and tired but we stayed until 4 am so we could hear paul van dyk, who was incredible - and i don't even like house music! breakfast at 4:45 am at the baghdad cafe in the castro district was great... they make great scrambled eggs! we cruised across the bay bridge into berkeley at about 5:30 am... and i put 12/02/94 in the stereo because the night just didn't feel complete - i needed to hear 2001! we finally arrived at cynthia's apartment and crashed sometime after 6 am, but we were up again 6 hours later to head back to san jose!

but now i'm back in santa cruz, getting ready for classes and getting back into the routine. the amount of stuff i left undone over break is staggering and tomorrow looks like it's going to be a busy day.

but the party was sure as hell fun while it lasted. shama sheemy!